Every person is a God in embryo. Its only desire is to be born. 
- Deepak Chopra

Tarotcoach.org is an association of professionals who provide life and professional coaching to Individuals and companies.

Contrary to various beliefs, TAROT is not fortune telling. The practice of fortune telling is based on a false notion that human life is governed by luck, chance or fate-by obscure powers at work outside the personality. TAROT works on a premise that the causes of all events in human life are really internal, proceeding from the cause of causes - the universal intelligent energy or life power, which is the Source, Knower or Mover behind all the phenomena of the Universe. Universe is anyhow nothing but a big vacuum where unimaginable things happen every moment. Human beings have entire Universe to explore and an awareness of the magnitude of the Universe brings humility, compassion and joy. It is all about being playful and constructing a story for yourself, a story which is a path for you to discover, re-invent and rejoice in the process. 


At TAROT COACH, we work on the same premise that tarot cards are tools for individual growth, with a subtle undertone of finding a path and a meaning in life. Once the individual growth is sustained and when a person understands her true nature, success is not very far. In-fact, you are already successful but you have probably not explored your inner-self. Besides Tarot readings, our experts can develop a unique training program which can link tarot with your individuals and business goals and in living life to the fullest.

Our master coach is a certified life coach and a PhD in business administration, with around two decades of experience in corporate sector, in India as well as abroad. For an initial free life coaching session online, please write to us.